Relocation is never easy – especially when you are unfamiliar with the city you are moving to. Topics such as locating communities that adapt to your expectations and budget, knowing the various areas that exist in the city, locating a family doctor, enrollment of the children in the school of the corresponding school district, new job or activity, opening accounts banking, leaving family, friends, etc., in your place of origin. I understand the emotional part that this implies and the financial impact that it entails. In my personal case, I lived it years ago – YEARS-, when I changed my residence from Mexicali, Mexico to San Diego. Already gone through that process, I can put myself in your shoes and fully understand what it means to you and your family.


My effort is aimed at facilitating the process. Finding the house in San Diego in the shortest time possible; Eliminate the need for multiple trips to San Diego. Save you time and money. I promise to ensure that your change of residence is the least complicated and that you can relocate with the minimum of inconvenience. I have experience with foreign and international buyers.

During my career as a Realtor, I have served buyers who, by placing their trust in me, have fulfilled their goal of making the transition from their place of origin to San Diego. Give me the opportunity to serve you …. I am sure, you will love living in San Diego!